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San Francisco, California, USA

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Last stop, San Francisco: artistic, multicultural and alternative…

After all our adventures, we arrived to San Francisco in a very relaxed mood, to enjoy our last vacation days. The first impression was that of a very interesting city, with its hills, its cable cars, its Victorian houses and of course the Golden Gate. It reminded us of Lisbon, these are cities with much in common.

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Yosemite, pure and grandiose nature

One of the most extraordinary aspects of American Far West is its huge diversity: this is the only place where you can leave the desert at lunch time with countless alerts related to extreme heat dangers, and be in the mountains after a 3 hours drive, where alerts are about the dangers associated to the bears! In few hours everything changes, the climate, the people, the landscape… We feel as if we left one world to step into a new one, completely different, and at the same time equally beautiful and inspiring.

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Death Valley, USA

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Death Valley, an extraordinary and hot, very hot place!

As the time to leave towards Death Valley National Park arrived, our anxiety increased. Every time we checked the weather forecast, highs were getting higher… we knew it would be hot, but when predictions got at 129, 131, 133ºF (54, 55, 56ºC)… we started to worry! News were all about historical highs, and the 1913 record of 134ºF (56,7ºC) was expected to be exceeded.

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Malibu, California, USA


California – Road trip to the wild west, first stop: Los Angeles!

Santa Monica Pier, California, USA

Santa Monica Pier, California

California, the American Far West… if there’s a region which is part of our imagination, this is the one. This is the land of Hollywood – the studios, the gigantic cinema industry, the stars, the Oscars, the dreams… We’ve all seen countless movies and TV shows filmed here, and easily remember the ones that left their mark some way (or at least, that almost everyone has seen): starting on old westerns, to E.T., Jaws, Back to the Future, or TV shows like Baywatch… this is an endless list, and all of you will certainly add a new name to it!

We’ve been dreaming of visiting American Far West – California of course, but other states too – for a long time (this was definitely on our wish list). We waited until the kids could endure a long haul flight, and last summer we finally took the decision to go, and there we went! It was a memorable trip, driving around for two weeks and having the time of our lives. The itinerary went through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and back to California, we had a great time! We will share this trip with you over the next posts, we hope you’ll enjoy reading about it!

First Stop: Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California, USA

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