To Travel is to dream…

About Us

Nos USAWe are passionate about travelling… We love to travel, and we dream about a lot of special places. As soon as we started to work (and had some money to spend…) we started exploring the world, according to our available budget… Whether near or far, in our beautiful country (Portugal) or abroad, we are always thinking about the next destination.

We have travelled to amazing places and met amazing people, first as a couple, and then with our two children (who now love to travel as much as we do) and whenever possible with our great friends. There are many destinations on our wish list, and travelling became our passion. Over the years we gathered stories and experiences we shared with our friends, and this is how this project took life: we decided to start writing about the places we visited and our adventures, to share them with anyone who wants to know more about other worlds, other cultures… We also asked some friends to write about places they’ve been to. We will only have texts about destinations we travelled to and not only read about, with our own pictures (or our friends’ ones).

We want to have interesting reading for those who love to travel and those who wish to travel… This is our way of sharing our passion, inspire others and help them fulfil their dreams: with suggestions and tips, articles, help to plan vacations according to all tastes and budgets. This is our goal: help others plan that special trip they’ve been dreaming about and be happy!

We are not a travel agency, but we made a deal with a very good one so we can search for the best options available, at the best prices, and we can take care of everything for you. We know that each trip is a unique opportunity and that everything has to be perfect, so this will always be our commitment to you: make sure you get exactly what you want. You just have to contact us and let you know what your wishes are, what kind of traveller you are, what activities you like, and leave it to us, it will be our pleasure to help you plan, organize and make reservations. If you are planning on visiting Portugal (which of course we really think you should!), we will be more than happy to assist you and welcome you in our beautiful country, we’re sure you’ll love it!


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