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Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy

Amalfi Coast – La Bella Italia!!

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Having the opportunity to spend some days in Italy is always a reason to feel happy: gorgeous landscapes, unmatched historical heritage, excellent food and even better wine (mamma mia!), good weather, nice people who will easily engage in pleasant conversations with the visitors… nothing is missing for a wonderful stay!

But there is one dilemma: choosing what region to visit… this time we chose the Amalfi Coast: easily accessible from Rome, known for its great natural beauty and classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is definitely a good destination. Spending some days here (based at Sorrento or nearby) will allow you to explore the entire area, where there are many points of interest to ensure an amazing vacation.


Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Let’s start by the Amalfi Coast itself, which is the name given to the route between Sorrento and Ravello, passing by Positano and Amalfi. It is a beautiful winding road, where a new breathtaking postcard view is to be discovered after each turn (and there are lots of turns!).  The picturesque villages along the way are full of charm, with their typical Italian houses “in stairs” up to the top of the hills, and you really have to stop for a swim at the beach – the water is warm but there is no sand, just pebble… this was our only complaint J and enjoy a really tasty Italian meal. Driving around is not for the faint of heart, take it slow and keep cool. Parking is available at paid lots, where valets will take care of your car and park it in an apparently impossible spot – due to the short amount of available space, they park as many cars as possible as if they were puzzle pieces, it is really amazing!

This is a wonderful journey, to be enjoyed along an entire day, with lots of stops for stunning photos.

Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy

Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy

Consider spending at least an entire day at the wonderful Island of Capri. You can get there by ferries leaving from most ports along the Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Naples. Known as a usual spot for the rich and famous, the number and size of the yachts along the island is quite impressive (why wasn’t I born rich???).

Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy

Capri, Bay of Naples, Italy

Most hotels and (designer) shops are top end (much beyond our wallet, reason why we only made window shopping here), and strolling around one can definitely understand the fascination the island causes to its visitors: the blue colour of the Mediterranean sea and its contrast with the island colours is wonderful. We explored most of the island on foot (with some help form the funicular and the bus), we went down the splendid Via Krupp – where all angles are great for another extraordinary shot, we swam in one more pebble beach, and, as a highlight of the trip, we took a (small) boat trip around the island. It was a fabulous afternoon: countless dives in the profound blue sea, beautiful creeks and unique rock formations, the famous grottos with intense colours impossible to capture and reproduce on photos. The most famous one, the Grotta Azurra is spectacular, we went in swimming, the colours and light reflexes are indescribable. This is a magnificent island which visit can’t be missed when on vacation in the area.

Finally, a stroll along the beautiful bay of Naples is also a must (Naples itself didn’t convince us, not much to talk about…), with a mandatory stop at Pompeii: fascinating historical site, where the ruins are a glimpse of the Romans quotidian more than 2000 years ago. One can’t help but imagine how day to day life was back then, how society was organized in this important city, and how it tragically and unexpectedly ended with the eruption of the ever present and imposing Vesuvius.


Italy is an amazing country with dazzling wonders to visit, and this is definitely one of them, not to be missed: one of its most interesting and fascinating regions, a stay here will be full of lasting memories!



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