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What’s the best place for romance?

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Valentine’s day has just passed, and even for the less romantic ones, it is impossible not to think about romance… We don’t usually celebrate the day as we prefer to plan special romantic programs on other days – when everyone else isn’t.  Still, thinking about all those who wanted to have a special Valentine’s, we started wondering what destination would we choose as the most romantic one, what would be the one special place that we would recommend to a couple in love, without hesitating? There are lots of possibilities, and after some debate we couldn’t narrow this to just one… So we give you some of our favourites, and let the romantics decide…

Let’s start by the obvious, the ones that immediately come to our minds:


Eiffel Tower by Night, Paris

Eiffel Tower by Night, Paris

You’ll find Paris in any article about the most romantic cities (or the article is definitely not good!). It’s one of the most known cities in the world, ant its attractions are familiar to everybody, even those who didn’t have the chance to go there (but are dreaming to go, for sure):  a “bateau mouche” ride along the Seine river, climb the Eiffel Tower to see the breathtaking views, stroll around a typical “quartier” like Montmartre, visit the Sacré Coeur Basilica and Notre Dame Cathedral.. Sit in one of the numerous cafés and have a croissant, or in a Brasserie for a Croque Madame (or Monsieur, of course), go back to your childhood in Disney’s theme parks, visit the magnificent Palais de Versailles, shop on the elegant “Boulevards” or get lost in the astonishing Louvre and D’Orsay museums… This is a small part of the huge list of things to do and places to see while in Paris, where everything invites to romance: the atmosphere,  the architecture, the restaurants, the food and the wine… If you’re looking for a special city for a special romantic occasion, we definitely recommend Paris, no doubt!


Venice Gondola, Italy

Venice Gondola, Italy

In our opinion Venezia and Paris are tied in terms of romance and beauty…  Venezia is also one of the worldwide best  known and recognized cities, it is magnificent, elegant, romantic and mysterious, leaving no one indifferent,  and it’s a place everybody dreams to visit (ok, we admit there may be a few who don’t, but those probably don’t like to get too far from home 🙂 ).

Walking around its streets is like walking through history, we feel as we went back in time… wandering through its narrow lanes and crossing its bridges over countless canals is a constant surprise, as you get to unexpected lovely places all the time. It gets quite difficult to follow a map, so you will be constantly (and happily) lost – but not for long, as you get arriving to the Grand Canal from which you can easily orientate yourself. You won’t see a single car (obviously), everything and everyone is transported by Vaporetto. Wandering through the city is an unforgettable experience. Go to the Rialto Bridge, to Basilica di San Marco, visit the Palaces and the Museums, go in the small handcraft shops and buy a graceful mask or painting, go to Murano and Burano see how delicate glassware is made… everything here is pleasant, charming, elegant and invites to romance… And how much more romantic can it get than a nice and calm gondola ride? If you are lucky to get a gondolier who has a good voice for singing, sit back and enjoy, as this is definitely a great choice for couples in love.


No list would be complete without our beautiful city of Lisbon, with its hills, its typical neighbourhoods, the Tejo river and the city’s amazing light. Wander around historic downtown and Chiado, go up to São Jorge’s Castle and enjoy the breathtaking views, have dinner in Bairro Alto or in a Fado restaurant  (it’s our nostalgic and really touching music, you’ll love it), go to Belém from where centuries ago our brave navigators left to discover new worlds – you must stop at Pastéis de Belém (great typical pastry, give it a try!), go to the modern and quite futurist part of the city, Parque das Nações… It is a city with lots of things to do, great food and great wine, where it is great to live and to love, so we definitely had to include it in our romantic (short) list… Although we spend a lot of time walking around and enjoying our beautiful city, we just realized we don’t have many pictures of it (we tend to take much more pictures to the places we visit than the place where we live…). We will repair this huge fault by soon dedicating a post to Lisbon, with all the places to go to and plenty of photos 🙂

There are lots more places to go for a romantic getaway: what about a nice and cosy guest house with a pleasant fireplace? (there are many options, for example in Alentejo or in the north of the country). A weekend in a hotel & SPA also sounds great, with a massage for two and a delicious romantic dinner… Or a nice dinner prepared at home, with a lovely set table and a good wine…

There are endless possibilities, as long as you’re willing to prepare something special, whether on Valentine’s day or on any other day… because any time is good for a romantic surprise! This is our message to all those who refuse to celebrate Valentine’s because they don’t like to be forced to make plans on a specific pre-established date… We agree with you, but then, it’s time to start planning soon… right?

What are your favourite romantic places? Let us know, we will add them to our list.

Wish&Travel (or maybe on these days we should sign Love&Travel 🙂 )


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